A point of true

Religion. Politics. Society. Sport. Aesthetic value. Prowess, physical or otherwise. Each of these aspects of our lives is determined by conditioning, context and a fair few ladlefuls of creativity. Every single day, we weave a narrative that helps us find our space in this random setting. Our mind constantly cycles between ‘what is’, ‘what was’, ‘what can be’, the all-encompassing ‘what should be’ and the fixating obsession of ‘what could have been’.

Perspective, or should I say the subjective truth, is what tends to form the backbone of these views with our ability to make a compelling case about the facts as essential to the ‘truth’ as the facts themselves.

I tend to write as I think so you may have to witness the occasional rambling.

‘What’s the point?’

  • I find silence deafeningly uncomfortable.
  • I have days when I can’t get out of bed, much less be productive.
  • What the hell is ‘normal’ anyway? Am I losing my sanity?
  • I want to escape from my own mind.

If you identify with any of these statements, then let’s take your mind for a walk. Come, meander with me.