Man staring out at sea

Hello there! Thanks for showing up. My name is Adarsh and I’m an amateur cricketer, armchair philosopher, and content strategist (in order of intrinsic passion).

To the disillusioned introvert, the nervous fighter and the reluctant star, I write for you. If you’re looking for the point of life, you’re nursing an appetite for healthy debate, not an inherent absence of meaning.

Growing up in a middle-class Indian home, I’ve dealt with my share of stereotypes, perceived limitations, and truisms fueled by their lack of logic. Over the years, meeting interesting people across countries and cultures, working a range of odd jobs (including one as a dancing bear), managing businesses, and playing and leading teams at sport have given me a sense of perspective. That perspective is not a prescriptive or revelatory tool, but the knowledge that everything can be¬†questioned, deconstructed,¬†and rebuilt.

That should do nicely for now.

If you like what you see enough to come back, we’ll get to know each other better as we go along.